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Michael Miyazaki, Cabaret Scenes

"Playing for Keeps explores maintaining a relationship through joy... doubt... compromise... and rekindling. Reilly is an intelligent performer who can deliver humor, as in a beautifully built "A Fine Romance" or pathos, in a touching version of "Song for Old Lovers", with equal agility.

Gina Zollman, Cabaret Reviewer, formerly of The Beverly Hills Outlook

“Mary Reilly is a revelation. With her East Coast Executive look, Mary Reilly is the stealth bomber, sneak attack singer you weren’t expecting. She opens her mouth, and out pours an angels’ clarion, a messenger of hope and love, an open heart, an honest and pure sound. Her perfect pitch, flute-like vocal piping, cleansing insight and peaceful persona are so inviting and refreshing, you are brought to full attention and you are positively sure you are making a discovery. Mary Reilly will astound you with the unique quality of her vocal gifts, and her truthful sharing of her personal journey. She is simply a joy to behold. She brought the house down. Catch Mary Reilly on the rise in the Baltimore, Maryland area.”

Michael Miyazaki, Cabaret Scenes

“In Here We Are At Last, Mary Reilly shared an evening of worldly-wise wisdom through an eclectic mix of songs and charming personal anecdotes….a superb job of customizing each song so to really reflect Reillly’s point of view….a well-structured show with pace, build and variety in the material, supported by well-timed patter and underscoring. The title of the show comes from the David Friedman song “Listen to My Heart”, the closing number – which in essence Reilly had been letting us do all show long.”

Shelley Markham, Composer, Arranger, Musical Director

“A delightful voice - I could listen all day.”

Michael Miyazaki, Miyazaki Cabaret Update

“…a lovely ease, charm and commitment to the material…..”

Cyd Wolf, Owner, Germano’s Cabaret

“A beautiful cabaret…brilliantly executed! The musical selections and thoughtful segues reflect an intelligence as well as a delightful personality.”